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Amazing Features

Energy Control

iGloo controls the amount of energy that your home uses. Connected products are given a helping hand to optimise energy consumption.

Just like one of the family

Designed to be easy and functional, iGloo fits into your lifestyle and home without fuss. Even Grandpa can operate it!

Dual Technology

Smart home controls rely on the Internet. At iGloo we communicate with Bluetooth and WiFi so when your internet is down iGloo is still like Mum and making sure every one is happy and your home is still in control.

Remote Control

Ever wondered if you forgot to switch off the iron? iGloo can operate even when your on the way to work. etc...


Know exactly what is on and off in your home. When little Johnny is off to school and doesn't switch off the lights, you can from your office.

iGloo Experience

Download the app and play with the beautiful and exciting features that make your home interactive and become just like one of the family.

Home Automation For Everyone!

iGloo products mingle and talk to each other so they can know exactly what each one is doing. Just like the sticky nose grandma, iGloo searches for weather changes outside your home so we can control what is happening inside your home.

  • Blow out your fireplace with your phone
  • Every time your favourite team scores your lights with celebrate with you
  • Your appliance family will know when you arrive home so you don't need to lift a finger, just sit down and relax
  • Blinds and awnings will be just like your brainy cousin-in-law and close when the sun is setting on your home to save energy

Our Partners

We value our business partners and the important role they play in supporting our development and enabling us to offer targeted responses to customer needs.

Fantastic app!

Sam Di
Jetmaster Victoria

Extremely user friendly! Love it!

Alan Fitzsimons
Mornington Australia

Can't live without it!

Darren Macintosh
Manly Australia

Home is where your smart device is

Smarten your home up


Installation is easy! That's because there is no installation required. Just plug in your iGloo Home Energy Module, connect to your WiFi network and thats it! You have welcomed your new member to the family.


Log into your home and look at what your appliance family have been up to. This will help you save energy monitor what is happening around your home.


If you have any questions or need help to connect one of our appliance partners just fill out the form below or call our friendly team on 1300 135244.

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